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We handle electrical service upgrade work in Oakland, CA

Homeowners’ energy usage has spiked in just the last decade. Older homes can’t always meet that new demand. If you’re tired of resetting tripped circuit breakers, call Ace Electric. We can give your home an electrical service upgrade. We’ll upgrade your electrical panel, wiring, sockets and meter.

Secure your home’s electrical load with help from Ace Electric. Call our office in Oakland, California now to schedule an electrical service upgrade.

When to arrange for an electrical meter upgrade

When to arrange for an electrical meter upgrade

Most people don’t think about their home’s energy meter. In fact, you might not have realized that you can get an electrical meter upgrade. You should replace your meter if it’s:

  • Outdated: Older meters don’t always meet current code requirements.
  • Damaged: Fixing your electrical meter is your responsibility—not the power company.
  • Low amperage: If you’re upgrading your panel, you should upgrade your meter, too.

Ace Electric can complete an electrical meter upgrade for any home in the Oakland, CA area. Call 510-434-6875 today to talk to an electrician about your meter.