Building in Oakland, California?

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Are you breaking ground on a new construction project? Ace Electric offers new construction electrical wiring services in Oakland, CA and the surrounding area. We handle residential and commercial construction projects.

For safe interior and exterior electrical wiring work, call an experienced electrical wiring pro at Ace Electric today.

Do you need residential electrical rewiring services?

Do you need residential electrical rewiring services?

Many homes in the Oakland, California area can benefit from electrical rewiring. Your current wiring could be ineffective or unsafe if it’s:

  • Old: Older wiring wasn’t designed to handle the high energy volume modern home appliances use.
  • Poorly insulated: Weak or damaged insulation causes more home electrical fires than anything else, according to the U.S. Fire Administration.
  • Inconvenient: If you don’t have enough outlets, Ace Electric can upgrade your home’s wiring safely.

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